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February 2017

Check out all the awesome performances at Tonya and Atlantis's Bellydancer of the Universe Competition the weekend of February 18th and 19th. (Um, hint hint.)


I will likely be performing original poetry at the Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy event Haiku: Libertine Love at the Overflow in Downtown Los Angeles on 2/26.

January 2017

I will be performing just once this month. Please find me as Elle L. Fauntleroy in Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy's interactive David Bowie tribute, Blackstar Ball, taking place at The Overflow in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets can be purchased here.

December 2016

In November, I led a Town Hall meeting in which BFLA delivered an official announcement to the community that that organization will be "soft closing" as of the end of 2016. Leadership/officership of the group is available if anybody wishes to contact us at to take it over. Our entire statement can be viewed here .  You can view our farewell newsletter and commemorative collage here. Thank you so much for your attendance at our final Trash or Treasure Holiday Bazaar event!

I'll be dancing with
Sekhmet Dance Company at our final Siren Sundays event of 2016 on Sunday, December 11th! Check out DeVilla's post about it here. 323-874-3333 for reservations and mention the showcase--it will sell out so reserve ASAP!

You'll be able to catch me dancing one of my few solos in the upcoming months on Sunday, December 18th at
Lost Angels: Winter Solstice Darkest Night. This time we're at the Overflow in Downtown LA. I'll be performing choreography by DeVilla.

And earlier that day,
Lady Aquamarine's Tarot will be offering readings at the Dance Garden LA Winter Fiesta in Atwater Village.

November 2016

Sunday, November 13th, I will be co-facilitating BFLA's "A Bellydance Town Hall Meeting" at Studio Iqaat beginning 3:30pm, with BFLA Co-President Mi-Ri Harris. Join us for this free event to discuss the state of the bellydance community. Please bring a potluck item. This event will also be livestreamed.


Sunday, November 20th, Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy is back in Downtown Los Angeles for their "Highwaymen and Hellcats" theme. Please join me as Elle L. Fauntleroy for some interactive theatre and lounging with a wonderful cast. Tickets cheaper than ever before here!


Save the date! I'll be dancing with the Sekhmet Dance Company again at Siren Sundays, located at Moun of Tunis Restaurant in Hollywood on Sunday, December 11th. Advance reservations required. 323-874-3333 Reserve today and mention DeVilla's showcase.

October 2016

BFLA's ever-popular "big stage show" is here this Saturday, October 1st at Live Arts LA. Join us to "Fall Into Fusion!" and prepurchase your ticket here. I'll be performing a solo that I've just recently debuted.

Sunday, October 16th I will be offering tarot readings at
Sekhmet Dance Company's "Season of the Witch" Siren Sundays showcase at Moun of Tunis restaurant. I will also be performing with the company and solo this time! Reserve today by calling 323-874-3333

Sunday, October 30th is the Lost Angels Halloween event
Rise of the Wraiths and I will once again be there as Elle L. Fauntleroy. You must purchase your membership ahead of time here. Location released closer to each event but we are in a Downtown LA penthouse with a gorgeous 360 degree view of Downtown LA. Dark cocktail attire or creative, upscale costumes are mandatory.

September 2016

 On Saturday, September 10th, Eclectic Ensemble returns to Studio Iqaat, and I'll be dancing there!

Stay tuned to Facebook for more info on a show on September 21st that I have yet to confirm. It will be in the Bay Area.

Friday, September 23rd, I'll finally be dancing in my first
LA Raqs hafla of the year at Movement Art Space! September's theme is "Shakespeare" and I will be debuting a chilling piece to be performed at several venues throughout the Halloween season.

Saturday, September 24th, I'll be performing with my lovely friends in the
Nathaniel Johnstone Band (yaay!) at Bar Sinister in Hollywood! Yay for hometown shows! So if you've always wanted to come see me dance with LIVE MUSIC, this is the time!

Sunday, September 25th, I will return as Elle L. Fauntleroy for the
Lost Angels DTLA event entitled "Noir." Make absolutely sure to buy your membership ahead of time here because there is no admission at the door. Advance admission is also onsale at that link for our October 30th Halloween event, Rise of the Wraiths. Location released closer to each event but we are in a Downtown LA penthouse with a gorgeous 360 degree view of Downtown.

SAVE THE DATES FOR OCTOBER! BFLA's ever-popular "big stage show" is here on October 1st at Live Arts LA. Join us to "
Fall Into Fusion!"

And in case you didn't read it above, October 30th is the Lost Angels Halloween event
Rise of the Wraiths. You must purchase your membership ahead of time at the link.

August 2016

On Saturday, August 20th, I will finally be returning to Shimmy Showcase in Long Beach for "Goth Night!" At Viento Y Agua Coffeehouse, 4007 E. 4th St. in Long Beach. Tips and food purchases from the venue are greatly appreciated, as there is no event admission fee.


On Sunday, August 21st, after some venue ups and downs, Lost Angels DTLA opens in our new penthouse home for "Dance of the Wicked Dolls." You MUST purchase a presale membership to gain admission to this event, and you can do so here. Downtown location will be revealed closer to the event.


July 2016

On Sunday, July 17th, I will be opening Anisa and Helena Vlahos's Wondrous Dance Journey showcase in Sherman Oaks. Get there at 5pm when the show begins to watch me dance!


On Saturday, July 22nd, check out the Rakkas Festival, LA's unique show focusing on male bellydance at Live Arts Los Angeles! I will be stage managing and guest drumming with the Seraphim Arabesque Ensemble!


On July 31st, Lost Angels will be returning to a beautiful space in Downtown Los Angeles for "Dance of the Wicked Dolls." Exclusive presales coming soon.

June 2016

I will be headlining the Long Beach Pirate Invasion on June 25th as a part of Devilla Raks's Sekhmet Dance Company. Come check it out!


I regret to announce that I will need to take a definitive hiatus from Qabila Folkdance Company for a variety of reasons. I hope to work with them again in the future. Aubre Hill's group is one of the few groups to bring pure Arabic dance to the Los Angeles area, and their shows and workshops are an educational experience worth checking out.


Save the date! Ever want to see me dance in a theatrical show? Your opportunity will arrive on Saturday, July 9th with the "Evening of Middle Eastern Dance" show presented by Karin Jensen and Mandala Danceworks at the Marsee Auditorium, El Camino College. I will be performing once again as a part of DeVilla's Sekhmet Dance Company. Purchase your tickets here.


A quick word about some of my other business endeavors right now...Don't forget that I am a member of a wellness/alternative healing collective based in Los Angeles called Zenith Wellness . We are excited to announce that we have a home venue for the time being and are beginning to book clients for Reiki, Craniosacral, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Readings and combination sessions of any of these at Elysium Healing Arts in Burbank. You can contact me through this website or via the Zenith page on how to book a session.

May 2016

Save the date! Cairo Shimmyquake is June 3rd-5th at the Glendale Civic Auditorium. I will be dancing with the Helena Vlahos Dancers at 2:24pm on Saturday, June 4th. You can also catch me drumming outside the venue with various drum teachers from the area.


On Friday, May 20th at 8pm I will be participating in the Shuffle Dance Challenge again, this time at Mid-City Arts Center, 1644 S. La Cienega Blvd, Ste A.. We're not sure about the future of this event in LA following this one, so please come out to support us. $10.


On Sunday, May 22, I will be performing as a member of DeVilla's Sekhmet Dance Company at Moun of Tunis restaurant in Hollywood for the glorious return of Siren Sundays!. Dinner seating begins at 7pm. Make sure to call the number on the invite to make your reservation today! in 2016, Siren Sundays will happen every few months with different featured soloists every month. While I've performed solo at this showcase and done tarot card readings there, May 22nd will mark my debut at Siren Sundays performing as a member of Sekhmet Dance Co. I am so honored and excited.


May 27th and 28th I will be appearing at Clockwork Alchemy, as usual! I am planning to perform with both Unwoman and the Nathaniel Johnstone Band. Check out the website for full details and schedule.

April 2016

On Saturday, April 23rd, I'll be dancing in Angela Buttrey's Mystique Orientale show at Studio Iqaat, 3515 Eagle Rock Blvd., of course. This show's theme is "Opa!" Greek Dance with guest star Alexandra Fotinou. Presale tickets are $15, more at the door, so please contact me directly if you'd like to buy one.


The upcoming Lost Angels date is currently pending. Please stay tuned to the Facebook page for more details.


March 2016

On Sunday, March 20th, I'll be vending clothing at Anaheed's Swapmeet all day. I'm also on the waiting list to dance, but haven't been confirmed yet.


Don't forget about Lost Angels, Downtown LA's most glamorous dark nightlife spot. Please join us for our 1-year anniversary celebration on March 20th. This time we will be selling exclusive admission memberships here that fully cover all your refreshments for the evening. Secret location will be announced closer to the event, so make sure to stay tuned to our page.


Stay tuned to news from Belly Fusion LA here! Our 2016 season has launched and we are making our officer announcements for the year.

February 2016
This Saturday, February 13th, catch me dancing at Eclectic Ensemble in Eagle Rock!


Lost Angels is on hiatus for February. Please join us for our 1-year anniversary in March! Details coming soon...January 2016

Happy New Year, lovely people! I hope you have a truly wonderful 2016.


Saturday, January 16th, I'll be opening up this year dancing twice at A Taste of Bellydance, Los Angeles 2016. This year's location is LA Mother, in the heart of Hollywood at 1627 N. Gower St. I will be performing in a dual drum-dance duet with Carolyn in the 3pm hour and opening the Historical Roots of Bellydance Showcase with Qabila Folkdance Company after 4:15pm. The entire show ends at 6pm so you can go out on the town afterwards. Buy your tickets here.

BFLA Haflas are transitioning to LARaqs haflas on the 4th Friday of each month in 2016, and will be open to ALL STYLES of bellydance. Please email if you want to sign up to dance.


I'm pleased to announce that I'll also be appearing at the Edwardian Ball SF on Friday, January 22nd, dancing with Unwoman!


Don't forget about Lost Angels, Downtown LA's most glamorous dark nightlife spot. On January 24th, we help bid goodbye to the King King Hollywood, with a special Lost Angels event. Tickets for this event are CHEAPER THAN EVER..get them here!


On January 30th, come watch our cast perform in a grand-scale production that is sure to dazzle in Jose Huizar's Night on Broadway! We will be appearing onstage at the Million Dollar Theater doing 5 brief shows over the course of the night. More details to come, so please stay tuned to our Lost Angels page for up-to-date details. This event is absolutely free to the public.


Stay tuned to news from Belly Fusion LA here!December 2015

Have a Happy Holiday season, friends! Remember that I am hireable for bellydance performances, bellydance instruction, tarot readings, and de-stressing from the holidays with yoga instruction during this time! Or buy a friend readings or lessons as a gift!


If you've been friends with me on Facebook, please understand that I haven't unfriended you! I'm currently in a dispute with Facebook over my public profile.


Saturday,December 19th, I will be performing in a bellydance version of The Nutcracker! Both solo and with Qabila Folkdance Company at Live Arts Los Angeles. Find your tickets here and join us for classic holiday cheer!


BFLA Haflas are transitioning to LARaqs haflas in 2016, and will be open to ALL STYLES of bellydance.


Catch me dancing with Helena's class *and* offering tarot readings at the Dance Garden LA Winter Fiesta on Sunday, December 20th.


Don't forget about Lost Angels, Downtown LA's most glamorous dark nightlife spot. For December, our event will not feature performances, but instead will be a sumptuous Solstice dining experience. Back at D'vine Wine Cellar in Downtown Los Angeles.


And coming January 2016, SAVE THE DATE of January 16th for A Taste of Bellydance 2016! I will be performing!


November 2015

Rise of the Wraiths was a success. However, the Lost Angels cast will be taking November off. Please re-join us in December for more exclusive events, and find ways to pledge your support under the September information below. You can also join our informational mailing list here.


Saturday,November 14th, I will be performing both solo and with Qabila Folkdance Company at Nottingham Renaissance Festival as a guest of Seraphim Arabesque Ensemble.


November's BFLA Hafla event at Movement Art Space is November 27th, and the theme is "Devotion." I will be performing there with Aubre Hill's Qabila Folkdance Company.


Later that same night (Friday, November 27th) I'll also be performing at Malabomba! with Qabila Folkdance Company. This is a benefit for Syrian refugees, so RSVP here and tell all your friends. 100% of door proceeds will go to GlobalGiving's Syrian Refugee Relief Fund.

October 2015

I have returned from Rachel Brice's 8 Elements Level 1 victorious! That is to say, I passed the Initiation test and am now on her website list of Initiates. Check it out!!


There have been a few upheavals in the bellydance community recently. I would like to expressly take a moment to say that my heart and ears are open to provide support and listening if you have been targeted in a harassment situation, in the community or outside it. Now and always.


October 16th-18th, I will see you in Seattle! I'll be attending and volunteering at Tempest's Waking Persephone Festival and performing at the Underworld Ball afterparty! Stay tuned to the homepage for workshop spotlights!

October's BFLA Hafla event at Movement Art Space is October 23rd, and the theme is "Dia de los Muertos." I get to watch this time! This is one of our most popular seasonal haflas, so make sure to get there early or on time for seating.


Sunday, October 25th, I will be performing at the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood with Isis-Siren-Sekhmet for Leela's "Dances de los Muertos."


Don't forget about Lost Angels, Downtown LA's most glamorous dark nightlife spot. This month's event is presented by our same cast and producers but entitled "Rise of the Wraiths." Our event will be on actual Halloween, Saturday, October 31st. Please make sure to like our separate page for this event for all the details. And our ticketing website link is here!


September 2015
So the big news this month is that I will be dedicating lots of my time, money and energy to Rachel Brice's 8 Elements Level 1 program! I will be in Portland studying with her September 12th-16th. I am looking forward to how this will hone my yoga technique, dance technique and more. If you wish to schedule anything with me including private yoga, please do so before the 11th!

September's BFLA Hafla event at Movement Art Space is September 25th, and the theme is "1920s." I will be performing in this one!


September 27th, don't miss BFLA presenting Tjarda and Kari of Unmata in Los Angeles at Dance Garden LA! Info here, and tickets here.


Don't forget about Lost Angels, Downtown LA's most glamorous dark nightlife spot. This month's event takes place September 27th and the theme is "80s Vampire." I am almost too excited about this one!


I have recently become a member of this elite group of performers appearing on a whim. Want to sponsor interactive theatre that will knock your socks off? You can do so here. Dance and character acting from me, interactive personae, seductively creative burlesque dance, talented musicians, an artist's corner with live modeling and more offer an incredible monthly experience of dark decadence.


AND..from the producer and cast of Lost Angels comes...Rise of the Wraiths. Halloween 2015. More info to come.




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