Tradition - Fusion

Touring/ Dance with Live Music:

Since 2010, IrinaXara has appeared with Unwoman at a number of venues throughout the Western US, with Vernian Process, with The Ghosts Project, the Nathaniel Johnstone Band, BLAK, TALEA and Kardia Mortis/Widows of Sanguis Bellydancers.

Dance and Fitness Training:

Rachel Brice's 8 Elements: Initiation, Phase I- September 2015

Lost Angels interactive theatre troupe- 2015-Present

Sekhmet Dance Company-2015-Present

Qabila Folkdance Company Membership- 2011-2016

Sahra Saeeda‘s Journey Through Egypt Level 1 and 2 curriculum and certification- August 2014

Belly Fusion Los Angeles Membership- 2013- Present

AFAA Practical Yoga teacher training- September 2013

Group Exercise Instructor Certification- Current, originally earned February 2012

CPR Certification- Current


Ongoing Instructors since 2009: DeVilla, Angelika Nemeth, Princess Farhana, Sashi, Zahra Zuhair, Aubre Hill, Elizabeth Romero, Helena Vlahos, Ferah Bakuy, Tempest, Jayna


Production Credits

Rakkas 2016- Stage Manager

Waking Persephone- Seattle, WA- Stage Manager- October 2015

Rakkas 2015- Stage Manager and Guest Percussionist- July 2015

Qabila Folkdance Company- Dancer- 2011-2016

Rakkas 2014-Stage Manager- July 2014

Cairo Shimmyquake- Stage Manager- June 2014

A Taste of Bellydance Productions- Production Team- 2011-2015

Belly Fusion Los Angeles- Member at Large and various volunteer duties- 2013-present

Waking Persephone- Providence, RI- Stage Manager, one night of evening show- 2012-2013

Tribal Fest 12-14- Stage Manager/Green Room

Zulu Lounge- Stage Manager- 2010-2013

Rakkas 2012- Stage Manager

Gothla: The Evoking- Evening show Stage Manager- 2010

And many more…


Recent workshops taken:

Face Forward workshop with Devilla and Maharet Hughes- April 2017

Gigi Dilsah- Bellydancer of the Universe Competition- Feb 2017

Sara Al-Hadithi- Iraqi dance private instruction

Turkish Roman workshop with Ozgen- August 2016

LA Legends Vintage Bellydance Workshop with Helena Vlahos-August 2016

Cairo Storm Workshop with DeVilla- March 2016

Vintage Bellydance Workshop with Helena Vlahos- January 2016

Sagat Workshop with Karim Nagi- November 2015

Mentorship Program with Princess Farhana- Spring 2015

Turkish Intensive weekend with Artemis Mourat- Los Angeles, CA- January/February 2015

Journey Through Egypt 2- August 2014

Turkish Roman Intensive with Artemis Mourat- Sebastopol, CA- May 2014



Workshops Taught:

Turkish Roman and Eastern European Roma Dance- Anaheim, CA- June and August 2013

“Life After Goth” lecture workshop- Providence, RI- April 2013

Romany Punk Fusion and Fantasy Mini-Workshop- Los Angeles, CA- January 2013

Romany Punk Fusion and Fantasy- Providence, RI- April 2012


Articles/Published Work:

"Social Networking with Flavor: An Interview with Mi-Ri Yvonne Harris, Founder of the Kitchen Social- The Refresh, April 2017

"Spiritual Activism: An Interview with Lasara Firefox Allen" Witch Way Magazine, September 2016

"A Nonbinary Approach to Spiritual Activism" The Body is Not An Apology, 30 July 2016



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